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The Traditional Reiki System
by Reiki Ree - Traditional Reiki Master

There are many ‘flavors’ of Reiki practiced these days. Since Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the West after the Second World War, Masters and Practitioners have added teachings and techniques from other modalities. This does not make these teachings or practices ‘wrong’, it just makes them ‘not Reiki’.

Reiki is really very simple, although sometimes the line between what is and what isn't Reiki can be blurred. I try very hard in my classes to point out where I'm crossing the line into things that aren't Reiki. That said, Reiki enhances every other modality and can be used alongside allopathic medicine, crystal healing, homeopathics, shamanism, Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, Feng Shui, driving your car .... and just about anything else you can think of! The only thing Reiki cannot be used for, or with, is modalities that can harm. Reiki can never be used to harm. Reiki is a benevolent, loving energy.

I teach Traditional Usui Reiki, in hands on, in person classes. I teach the three levels separately, as Hayashi and Takata taught.

One way in which I differ from Takata is that I do not have arbitraty limits set on how much time has to pass before going on to the next level. If pressed, I would have to say that I don’t usually initiate a Level I to Level II unless at least 3 months has passed since their Level I initiation. I beleive that Level I is such a wonderful time of self discovery, learning and growth that rushing through it to ‘get to Level II’ would be cheating yourself out of a precious experience. When a Student feels they are ready for Level II I ask them 4 questions, and depending upon their answers, it is then clear if they are ‘ready ‘ for Level II or not. Mind you, I do not need to know their answers. I leave it up to them to know if they are ready after considering the questions. The same thing happens between Level II and Level III or Reiki Master. Level III is an apprenticeship of sorts.

There are three levels or degrees taught by Traditional Usui Reiki Masters. The First Degree, or Level I, is all anyone ever needs to fully practice Reiki on themselves or anyone else. Second Degree, or Level II, is an announcement to the Universe that you want to make Reiki a way of life. It is more than learning the symbols and their uses. It is openning the door to further self-discovery and work on your path. It is not a step to be taken lightly. I have seen many things come to the surface and demand to be dealt with after a Second Degree Initiation.

The Traditional Reiki System
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