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A Cancer Patient, undergoing chemotherapy, gets a series of Reiki treatments. The predicted unpeasant side effects of the drugs are minimal and his pain is reduced, greatly enhancing his quality of life.

An Executive, exhausted from long hours of work, is deeply relaxed and rejuvenated from her weekly Reiki sessions.

A Black Lab is hit by a car. Koi is taken to the Vet where it is determined that she most likely will not survive the drive home. They recommend euthanasia. Her owners bring her to C.H.A.N.E.L. and Koi is given Reiki. The next morning she is up, eating and in full spirits. Upon returning to the Vet’s office, they insist it is a different dog. Koi now demands Reiki whenever a Practitioner is near!

A Single Mother, exhausted and depressed from coping with her new situation, treats herself to a weekly Reiki session. She finds inner strength, and a renewed sense of purpose she directly attributes to the blessings of Reiki. As a result, her Physician takes her off of the anti-depressiants she had been dependant upon for so many years. She tells everyone that she feels re-born.

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