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Things to Remember
by Reiki Ree - Traditional Reiki Master

You are not the healer. Period. Reiki is.

Healing may not always take the form you expect. It is imperative to not be ‘attached to the outcome’. Reiki is intelligent and knows best how and what needs healing. You are a channel for the healing, that is all.

If the person does not seem to be ‘getting better’ then the energy is working on other levels besides the physical.

When dealing with accidents, emergencies and for on the spot pain or stress relief, treat the local area and then, if at all possible, arrange for a full Reiki treatment. A little Reiki is better than none. A full Reiki treatment is best.

When treating for acute conditions (radiation, chemo therapy, heart disease, depression, etc), schedule 4 treatments, one every 24 hours. It takes this long for the body to ‘fill’ with Reiki energy and begin the healing process. Additional treatments and their frequency are determined after the initial series is completed. Suggest that the recipient may want to learn Reiki I so as to be able to treat themselves at other times

Always have a child’s parents present when giving a Reiki treatment. NEVER treat a child alone. EVER. No matter how well you know them or the family.

Do not diagnose, prescribe or suggest starting or stopping, any medication, vitamins, herbs or treatment prescribed by the recipient’s medical provider unless you are licensed to do so.

Reiki works on all levels. It covers the nervous, circulatory, and endocrine systems; all major organs; and the seven major chakras .

Both hands channel Reiki equally.You need not worry about positive or negative sides of the body when you are doing a Reiki treatment.

Reiki is not just for when you are ‘sick’.

It is taught that the Reiki energy is squared with each additional Reiki Practitioner who participates in a Reiki session or in sending Reiki to any person, place thing or situation.

Every living thing can benefit from Reiki.

The more you use Reiki the more sensitive you will become to the energy and the different ways it is accepted. Reiki rocks, trees, plants, animals, everything that you come into contact with. Let Reiki teach you.

Reiki can be used on anything. I’ve used it on cars, batteries, computers, appliances, etc., and have found it to have been worthwhile. I was very skeptical about this at first. I’m not any more!

You cannot wear out Reiki, or use too much, or channel too much. Reiki is unlimited.

When you are giving Reiki to another, they get all they need, and so do you.

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