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Who is Reiki Ree?
Reiki Ree is a Reiki Master who brings love, compassion and intuition to her practice of Reiki. In addition to hands on administration of Reiki to human clients, Reiki Ree enjoys working with horses, small animals and fish.

Reiki Ree honors the difference Reiki has made in her life and it is what prompted her to become a Reiki Master. She saw the life or death difference Reiki made with Koi, a black lab hit by a car, and how it helped her own horse, Chanel, deal with inoperable cancer. Reiki Ree uses Reiki in her work as a writer, manager and in every other part of her life.

Reiki Ree has seen how Reiki can benefit every living thing. Reiki helps to alleviate pain, reduce stress and activate the body’s own natural healing processes. Reiki brings one to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance; and that naturally equates to better health. Reiki is as powerful as it is simple.

Reiki Ree is a recent graduate of Washington State University, finishing the degree she put on 'pause' 22 years before in order to raise a family. She lives in the Northwest and enjoys taking day trips to explore the beauty and quiet of the many forests, islands and beaches around the Puget Sound.

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