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Reiki Treatment Hand Positions

Each position should be held anywhere from three to ten minutes. With experience, you will “know” when it is time to change positions. Hold the hands with the fingers and thumbs together unless specifically instructed to do otherwise. It is thought that the energy is transmitted more directly in this manner, and not scattered, as it would be with the fingers and thumbs spread apart.

To begin, have the Client lay on their backs, face up. A massage table is the best place to perform Reiki, but a bed, couch or the floor are all acceptable alternatives. Cover the Client with a light blanket or sheet, as they could become chilled during the course of the treatment.

Position 1
The first position is with the hands placed gently over the eyes. Rest the heels of your hands on the Client’s forehead and hold your fingers above the face with your thumbs and index fingers touching.. This helps to quiet the mind and allows the energy to be drawn in to all parts of the head and throughout the body.

Position 2
The second position is with the hands placed at the sides of the head with the little fingers lying gently in front of the ears. The ears are not to be covered.

Position 3
The third position is with the hands cradling the head from underneath. Roll the Client’s head from one side to the other when placing your hands underneath. Do not allow them to lift their head themselves. Be careful not to drop their head on the table when changing positions.

Position 4
The fourth position is over the throat. Be aware that some folks are very sensitive in this area. Be very light and gentle when placing your hands.

Position 5
The fifth position is over the collar bones. Place your thumbs on either side of the neck, fingers together, elbows comfortably out.

Position 6
The sixth position is most comfortable for most practitioners if they move to the right side of the Client. Place your hands, right hand forward then left, directly below the collar bones, high on the chest.

Position 7
The seventh position is directly over the diaphragm. Do not “rest” your hands at this position, or any other for that matter, on the Client. Your touch should always be very light and gentle, barely noticeable. If you were to lean upon or rest your hands heavily at this position, the Client may find it difficult to breath and panic may set in. This may be avoided simply by using a light touch.

Position 8
The eight position is directly over the navel. Do not be concerned if the Client’s belt buckle is in the way. Reiki can travel all the way around the world, it can certainly travel thru their belt! Some people rest their hands on their stomachs while receiving Reiki. This is fine. Just place your hands on top of theirs. It is most important for your Client to feel comfortable and secure during a treatment.

Position 9
The ninth position is directly below the navel and above the pubic region. Again, a light touch is important so that the Client does not feel violated in any way. If either you, or the Client, is uncomfortable with touching in this area, then you may place your hands above the body in the same position. The Reiki will flow to where it is needed.

Position 10
The tenth position is on the hips. Place your hands on either side of the hips, fingertips towards the head and palms facing. This is one of the most difficult positions for the practitioner to hold, so be aware of how you hold your own body so as not to strain yourself. With practice, you will find the way to hold this position that is the most comfortable for you.

Position 11
The eleventh position is cupping the knees. When moving from the tenth to the eleventh position, place one hand at a time, being careful to always be in contact with your Client.

Position 12
The twelfth position involves holding the heels in your hands. Again, with practice, you will find what is most comfortable for you.

When you are finished with the twelfth position it is time to gently ask the Client to roll over. They may be a bit woozy and not really aware of where their body is in relation to the table or surface that you are working on. Be very careful that they don’t roll off of the table when they are trying to roll over. It is a good idea to place your body at the side of the table and gently direct their body with your hands in the direction you want them to roll. Towards you is best as you can block any possibly fall with your body. This has only happened to me once, but it was enough to make me take my Master’s previous warnings seriously.

Most people find it comfortable to lay on their stomachs with their head either in the massage table’s face cradle, or turned to one side or another. For the purposes of a Reiki treatment, the best place for them to put their arms is down by their sides. A small pillow placed under the feet helps to release the muscles in the small of the back which most people find comforting. If you are using a blanket, tuck it in around the body and under the feet. Now is when the Client may deeply relax and the danger of chilling exists. Always assure the Client that if they feel too warm the blanket can be removed, that it is only there for their comfort.

Once the Client is comfortable, it is important to reestablish the energetic connection. Do this by placing one hand on the base of their neck and your other hand on the small of their back. Hold this position until you feel the Reiki flowing again. Continue with the treatment, being careful to place one hand at a time, never losing the connection.

Position 13
The thirteenth position is with the hands high on the shoulders, directly below the neck.

Position 14
The fourteenth position is with the hands directly over the shoulder blades.

Position 15
The fifteenth position is with the hands directly over the kidneys, below the shoulder blades.

Position 16
The sixteenth position is directly above the waist where a belt would be worn.

Position 17
The seventeenth position is below the waist, directly above the small of the back.

Position 18
Position eighteen is with the hands on either side of the hips, just as in position ten, this time with fingertips pointing towards the feet.

Position 19
The nineteenth position is above the backs of the knees. Again, be careful to place one hand at a time, never losing contact with your Client.

Position 20
The twentieth position is at the feet. This time, place your hands underneath, holding the top of the foot with your thumbs on the heels.

Finishing off

When you are finished with the Reiki treatment it is important to “smooth” the Clients energy field. (This is not a Traditional Reiki practice, but I have found it to be very comforting, and it just feels good!) Do this by moving your hands, starting at the top of the head down to the feet, as if you were frosting a cake or smoothing a cat’s ruffled fur. When you reach the feet, “gather up” the energy and sever it from the body with a sharp tug, and then “throw” it either to the earth or to the light, whichever feels right to you at the time. Do so with the intention of releasing and returning to the Source any blockages or excess energy.

Again, the Client may be feeling extremely relaxed, so gently touch them on the shoulder to bring them back from wherever they have gone. Tell them to take their time in sitting up and to not arch their back, but to roll on their side and then sit up. You will want to be close by when the Client starts to move so that you may place your body next to the table so that they don’t roll off. Offer a cool drink of pure water and encourage them to sit there on the table, or wherever they are, for a few minutes until they are completely “here”. You should also be drinking water at this time as Reiki can be extremely dehydrating for the Practitioner.

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