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Takata's Miracles

Written by VSRC ... a Student of Takata
from a newsgroup posting

No one these days seems to be able to recreate the healing of Takata consistently - sure we have miracles, but not *consistent* miracles :)

Well, the answer may get me in trouble *again*...(this assumption is based on some experience with this newsgroup) but here goes...

Takata's "miracles" aren't reproduced, I think, because few people are doing Reiki as she taught. She taught a System.

Hand positions... that were quickly tossed aside, as not being important. So few do them. They "follow their own intuition..." which is great... Takata would do that too, only *after* taking the time to do the hand positions, head, front and back. This is after many, many years of practice.

Daily treatments... Takata would treat a chronic condition daily, until the person started healing on their own, even if it took a *month...* and then taper off to every other day. Who in today's world will even give Reiki a chance with more than a few treatments? Takata would at times even move in with someone, and change their diet to facilitate healing. Who is able to devote this much time to one person?...

Takata charged for Reiki treatments to encourage the motivation to pay attention and get well, (as was decreed in the times of Asclepian healers of Greece) and it allowed her the freedom to do Reiki.

Initiations... Takata taught first degree over four days. Reiki energy she told us was powerful enough that if you took it in less time your body wouldn't adjust and possibly be ill. Don't teach it in less than three days, she said. Almost immediately, to accommodate people's weekend schedules, her students began teaching in 2 days... students of students in 1 day.... then four hours... etc.

Meditation... Takata taught a meditation class before the Reiki instruction, (as she learned from Hayashi) so first degree actually took 5 days to learn before she began traveling. I don't know of anyone who took her meditation class. Many people came to do meditation on their own, before Reiki, to center themselves, etc., ... and many don't. It might help.

System itself... So changed. We don't understand how Reiki works. Who has the patience to stick with the system itself before making changes... all are out to improve it, without having practiced as she did. We don't have the culture to hold the Wisdoms that the Reiki system brought. It just doesn't fit in with today's fast-fed world. So the others have created systems that might... if that is the only way we can learn about the possibility of life energy, there is benefit. It reminds me of the corporate project-planning "Myth of the Man-month"... if it takes a woman nine months to have a baby, nine men can make a baby in one month!" After years of no success... one might look to the old way...

Blessings, VSRC aka Lotus Bud

Bud, Lotus. Online discussion of "Takata's Miracles" 26 Jan 1999. alt.healing.reiki. 26 Jan 1999. <>

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